“Our goal is to generate interest among Vietnamese people and encourage them to explore more about Malaysia,” he said.

“Through various initiatives and events, such as our collaboration with Lesung ‘Authentic Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant,’ we are committed to nurturing, inspiring, and nurturing curiosity about Malaysian culture and heritage.”

Left to right: Chef Eden Daus, Consul General of Malaysia Firdauz Bin Othman, and Vietnamese chef Tommy Tran at the opening ceremony of Lesung restaurant on March 9, 2023. Photo: Dong Nguyen / Tuoi Tre News

Located at 72/1 Tran Quoc Toan Street in District 3, Lesung restaurant was officially launched on March 9. It is the brainchild of Malaysian chef Eden Daus, who has a deep affection for Vietnam and a strong desire to showcase his heritage. The project has received support from many individuals, including Vietnamese chef Tommy Tran and Malaysian content creator Arieff Yong.

For chef Daus, Lesung is not just a restaurant, but a labor of love built on cherished memories of his homeland. It is also a token of appreciation to Vietnam, which has warmly embraced him.

The restaurant aims to act as a cultural bridge between Vietnam and Malaysia, offering authentic flavors and warm hospitality that reflect both countries’ essence.

“After falling in love with the people and vibrant cuisine of Vietnam, I wanted to reciprocate the kindness by sharing the rich, creamy, and authentic Malaysian dishes that I grew up with,” said chef Daus.

Lesung sources special ingredients such as petai, bunga kantan, and asam keping from Malaysia, ensuring an unparalleled culinary experience for diners.

The menu at Lesung features a diverse array of Malaysian dishes, including prawn cucur, roti jala with chicken curry, prawn otak otak, rendang short rib, and eggplant sambal, among others.

Malaysian food is served at the opening ceremony of Lesung restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City on March 9, 2023. Photo: Dong Nguyen / Tuoi Tre News

“We feel privileged to support the launch of Lesung ‘Authentic Malaysian Cuisine Restaurant’ in Ho Chi Minh City, where we can celebrate the beauty of Malaysia through its vibrant tastes, aromas, and traditions,” said Madam Nor Hayati Zainuddin, director of Tourism Malaysia.

“Our goal is to showcase the colors of Malaysia, allowing Vietnamese people to savor the delights of Malaysian cuisine right here in Ho Chi Minh City.”