Try goat meat specialties in Ba Vi District

Meats from goat, hill chicken and ostrich are the must-try dishes in Ba Vi District in Hanoi.

Try goat meat specialties in Ba Vi District
A dish of Ba Vi’s goat meat. Photo

Tourists will be amazed by not only scenic landscapes, historical sites, national parks and hospitable locals, but the area’s special and unique cuisine as well.

There are many different things to do in Ba Vi, but missing Ba Vi’s goat meat would be a pity.

Meat of goats raised in the mountainous district of Ba Vi is low in fat and savoury. After being prepared, julienned and marinated with basil and chamomile, goat meat can be processed into many dishes such grilled, stir-fried, steamed, or squeezed.

Ba Vi has many ostrich farms, so this meat has become a specialty. Ostrich meat is characterized by a tender, savoury, softer texture than beef and has a high nutritional content. Guests can enjoy ostrich dishes such as gizzard hotpot, stir-fried meat rolls or sausages.


The free-range chicken breeds in Ba Vi are mainly hybrid chicken, weighing about 2kg. Being fed with soybeans, corn and fish oil, the chicken here has lean meat and tough skin. Chicken is usually grilled whole, boiled, roasted with chilli or with onion.