Try Ben Tre’s specialties with coconut milk

People in Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta, known as the kingdom of coconut, use the fruit for cooking, handicrafts and other items.


Ben Tre Province in the Mekong Delta is famous for the use ofcoconuts in cooking.

Across Delta provinces, specifically Bến Tre, most houses boast a garden with banana and coconut trees, whether big or small. When children crave a snack, mothers often make delectable sweets from homegrown ingredients.

With just a bunch of bananas, people can make fried banana, banana sweet soup, or banana cake.


But to the little ones, grilled bananas remain the best. Simple yet flavorful, a down-to-earth plate of bananas grilled over coal has a fruity, mellow and sweet scent, a smell that can seduce anyone nearby. However, the grilled banana dish isn’t complete without its coconut milk dip,  a specialty of the Delta region.

For dessert, tourists can savor Ben Tre sweets such as the signature dish of coconut milk custard cake. The soft cake is served with a thick sauce made from coconut milk. — VNS