The support for the restoration of festivals falls under the Cultural Development Target Programme in 2020.

Accordingly, the Ministry will support the preservation and restoration of traditional festivals of Lao ethnic group in Dien Bien Province; La Chi group in Ha Giang Province’s Quang Binh District; Nung people in Hoang Su Phi District in Ha Giang Province; Thai group in Yen Bai Province; Lai Chau Province’s Si La people; Kon Tum Province’s Gia Rai group; and Binh Phuoc Province’s traditional festivals.

The restoration of traditional aims to promote the cultural values of ethnic minority groups, contributing to enhancing the movement “All people unite to build cultural life in residential areas and building new-style rural areas” while eliminating backward factors and customs that are not suitable in community life

The MoCST asked the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the provinces and localities to survey, select and create scientific dossiers on the festivals in need of being restored before February 20.