Phach Ca was founded in November 2017 with only 2 main members: Hoang Hai (composer/vocalist) and Khanh Duy (drums). Since its establishment, Phach Ca has participated in many programmes such as Vietnamese Band (2018), Thom Fest (2018), Bandland Fest (2020), Architectural Rock Club (ARC)’s programmes, and she show held at Polygon, Hanoi Rock City.

The 5-member band Bot Mau Khoai Tay Ca Rot performing pop, rock, folk genres. The group’s compositions range from pop and rock to contemporary and alternative music. The group’s products are regularly updated on the Youtube channel or introduced to the audience through performances at Homeland Artist.

The band Lope Dope was formed at the end of November 2020 with 5 members: Hoang Duong (Sing-Composition), Minh Quang (Guitar), Phanh (Bass), Tora (Drums), and Khoa Trung (Keyboard-Composer-Leader). The band’s name was inspired by the sound of falling rain. The genres that the group is currently pursuing are city pop and rock.

The music night is part of LiveSpace Vietnam, which a music project aimed at discovering new talents initiated by the by the French Cultural Centre – L’Espace in collaboration with Monsoon Music Festival and a number of organisers.

In applying for the project, young artists and bands will have the opportunity to develop their expertise professionally, such as: performing on the professional stage of L’Espace, having their music products recorded, and participating in consulting workshops on performance expertise, composition, and recording technical standards for artists and live performance techniques for on stage.

Specifically, young artists will also have a chance to sign an exclusive distribution contract for Fast Track and receive support from Believe, perform at Monsoon Music Festival 2021, and perform at events in many major cities across the country co-organised by L’Espace and Monsoon Music Festival, among others.