The best way for players to increase their skills is to keep playing. However, amazing game-play will only take you so far. We’ve put together a set of tip and tricks for keeping your squad updated and fresh and increasing the likelihood of winning. Asia Insider reports.


Setting up your team correctly is the first key to start winning matches. The starting 11 members form the core of your squad and players should concentrate on them as they will be performing most of the work on the pitch. Choose players carefully while keeping formations in mind. You want a team full of members with different strengths that can appropriately fill key positions and work together towards success. Strikers are probably the most important members to get right as they can be relied on for scoring as well as defence. Also keep in mind that strikers need to have great supporting team members to back them up and get possession of the ball in the first place. Working on filling up your team with quality, complimentary members gives you a head start in getting them wins.


Successful players have one or two trusted formations that are optimised to suit their players. When first starting the game, formations might be restrictive thanks to the number and quality of players available to work with. As gamers invest in higher quality players, formations become easier to work with and an provide an opportunity for skilled gameplay. When investing in better players, consider looking at stats to see a player’s individual attributes rather than just trying to up your OVR. Specific attributes like attack or defence can be useful within context and can contribute to a brilliant team.


To get new card in FIFA mobile you can spend real money at the in-game store, or you can head to the market where players can be bought and sold with game currency. Firstly, players should learn how to use the market’s search function to research player attributes and costs. Becoming proficient in understanding the market will help you build up and strengthen your squad. With search, you can find players with the best skills for your team while staying within budget. Players can also earn coins through the market. FIFA offers it’s own mini economy and knowing the ins and outs of the market can give you a comfortable coin income. At the Market, there are categories for trophies, crests, tokens and event items. If players have a few of these items spare, they can trade them in for a decent profit. Additionally, players can start ‘sniping’ for a potential coin turnover. Sniping is buying cheaper players with low average ratings of around 70-80 points and reselling them to turn a profit.


At first, players need to be selective about the events the choose to partake in. Events use up stamina which could be used for other gains. Events should be chosen based on how much stamina it will use and the possible rewards. Opt for events that use up less stamina or events that offer the highest pay-outs.


In level 8, players can choose to start a season. Season’s aren’t easy with more competitive games against higher skilled opponents. However, playing a season is the quickest way to acquire coins to invest in more players and the increased difficulty will force players to up their skills.


The success of mobile FIFA means it is here to stay and players can expect years of updates and improvements to the format. These tips will help players become a master of their game while keeping their coin collections growing without having to cheat or spend real cash.

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