The Co Loa relics, located 17 km north of central Hanoi, encompass a protected area of approximately 830 ha within the city’s master plan. Recognized as a significant cultural site, Co Loa holds special cultural significance for Hanoi.

The Co Loa Citadel is highly regarded by archaeologists as the oldest, largest, and most unique structure in the history of ancient Vietnamese citadel construction.

The annual Co Loa Festival is held on the 5th and 6th of the first lunar calendar month to pay tribute to An Duong Vuong (Thuc Phan). An Duong Vuong is renowned for his role in constructing the country of Au Lac and the Co Loa Citadel. The Festival includes a sacred ceremony featuring traditional rituals, as well as various folk games and activities conducted in the vicinity of the temple. These activities include swinging, wrestling, a rice cooking competition, love duets singing, water puppetry, and cock fighting.

The festival creates a vibrant and jovial ambiance, attracting a multitude of attendees from all corners of the country annually.

Co Loa Relics, with its exceptional cultural, artistic, architectural, and scenic significance, was officially designated as a National Historical and Cultural Relic in 1962. This esteemed recognition was further elevated when it was officially recognized as a National Special Relic by the Prime Minister in 2012.

An Duong Vuong Temple Overview

The An Duong Vuong Temple is a historical and cultural landmark located in Hai Phong, Vietnam. This temple is dedicated to An Duong Vuong – the legendary king who established the Au Lac Kingdom and built the Co Loa Citadel, one of Vietnam’s oldest citadels.

Visiting the An Duong Vuong Temple provides a unique opportunity to learn about ancient Vietnamese history and its mythical founding figures. The temple features stunning architecture and intricate artwork, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region.

Inside the temple, visitors can find relics, sculptures, and ancient artifacts that offer further insights into the life and accomplishments of An Duong Vuong. The peaceful and serene atmosphere of the temple grounds also makes it a perfect place for contemplation and reflection.

Whether you are a history enthusiast or simply looking to immerse yourself in the local culture, a visit to the An Duong Vuong Temple is sure to be a memorable experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the legendary tales and architectural marvels that this temple has to offer.

The Co Loa Festival is an important celebration that takes place at the beginning of the new year. It holds significant cultural and historical significance.

The Co Loa Festival features a time-honored tradition known as a traditional ritual, which holds significant meaning. This solemn ceremony is performed with great reverence and is a focal point of the festival.

The Co Loa Festival is a highly popular event that draws in a significant number of attendees from across the country.

Singers Perform Love Duets on Boat