The landmark of the city of fog

St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the distinctive landmarks in the foggy city of Dalat in Lam Dong Province. The church on Tran Phu Street, which was inaugurated in 1942, adopts the Roman architecture characterized by arched doors and windows decorated with Oriental patterns. Besides, on top of the cathedral’s bell tower is an alloy statue of roaster rotating around an axis. That is why it is unofficially known as the “Roaster Church.” The metal roaster is said to be a symbol of the Gaulois (Gaul) of France, Saint Peter and awakening and repentance.

A big gate of St. Nicholas Cathedral – PHOTOS: HIEU TRUONG
A visitor walking toward the church’s main hall
Arches are one of the characteristics of St. Nicholas church in Dalat

Some colorful arched windows
The metal roaster on top of the bell tower
A large statue of Saint Joseph and Jesus Christ seen at the church
The church’s main hall