During interviews with VOV, foreigners have shared their unique experiences and impressions of Tet in Vietnam.

Gunjan Punia, an Indian resident of Vietnam for three years, eagerly anticipates Tet with her family. She describes it as a time of celebration, festivities, and markets filled with flowers, cakes, and lights. Gunjan also enjoys the pre-Tet gift giving, dinners, and discounted sales available in the markets. She appreciates the lively atmosphere with crowded markets and increased traffic. Gunjan particularly enjoys the Tet food, such as the Chung cake, and finds the festival reminiscent of Diwali celebrations in her home country. Despite many foreigners leaving during Tet, Gunjan and her family choose to stay in Vietnam and savor every moment of the holiday. She extends her best wishes to her Vietnamese friends and looks forward to celebrating Tet 2018 together.

Reuben Taylor, a proof-reader at VOVnews, shares his admiration for the beautiful flower displays and plants at Quang Ba flower market, where people navigate bustling traffic on their bikes carrying bundles of peach blossoms and mandarin trees. Reuben also enjoys strolling along Hang Ma Street in the Old Quarter, taking in the stunning sights of shops selling lanterns and Tet decorations. He values the inclusiveness of the celebrations and appreciates the care given to those with less. Reuben plans to travel to Penang, Malaysia with his girlfriend but intends to explore the traditional Tet traditions and learn about different ways of celebrating in Hanoi and other parts of Vietnam. He is especially looking forward to trying different types of Banh Chung.

Guy Wilson, a British resident, expresses his gratitude for having a Vietnamese girlfriend and the opportunity to experience the traditions and rituals of Tet in Vietnam. He is amazed by the culinary culture, the enthusiastic locals, and the warm yet refreshing atmosphere during Tet. Guy highlights the significance of ancestor worship, temple and pagoda visits, and giving lucky money to younger generations, which he finds unfamiliar in his home country. He cherishes the rich cultural experience that Tet brings.

Linda Boi, a Chinese resident who recently moved to Vietnam, is excited for her first Tet holiday experience. She looks forward to celebrating the Lunar New Year traditions with the locals in Hanoi. Linda plans to watch the fireworks show on New Year’s Eve with her colleagues and hopes to try Banh Chung. As she will be working in Vietnam for the next three years, Linda anticipates having more interesting stories to share about her future Tets in Vietnam.

Overall, these foreigners express their enthusiasm and appreciation for the vibrant celebrations, cultural traditions, and warm atmosphere during Tet in Vietnam. They extend their well wishes and hopes for peace and prosperity in the Year of the Dog.