Recipe for lip-smacking snail cooked with banana and tofu, with video

Snails cooked with banana and tofu is delicious, bold specific of the Northern style. This dish requires a lot of sophisticated steps in processing, so often cooked at weekends when family has gatherings.


(Photo: Helen’s Recipes)


1.5kg snails

200gr tofu

200gr bacon

3-5 green bananas

Turmeric powder

Perilla, citronella, dried onion, green onion garlic, chili

Shrimp sauce, cooking oil, ferment, fish sauce, salt, sugar

A bowl of snail cooked with banana and tofu (Photo: VinID)
  1. Instruction: Cook snail:

    Soak snails with cold water having 1 chili to make snail secrete slime and mud. Change water 2, 3 times and then boil snails, according to Vietnam Food Tour.

    Take cooked snail into basket, which is on a clean pot, to keep snails’ boiled water. The water will have dregs, wait for dregs settle down, and then take water to other bowl.

    Take snail meet by a pointed stick.

    Cut snail into 2 pieces to make snails be absorbed easily.

    Grind garlic, onion. Fry them, add a little shrimp sauce, mix and take the heat off.

    Pour mixture into bowl of snails, add grind citronella, grind chili and mix them well.

    Cover the bowl of marinated snails and take into the refrigerator. Take it out when you cook it.

    When you cook, fry them quickly.

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      (Photo: VNE)

      How to enjoy:

    • Cut tofu into square pieces, fry quickly.

      Apply turmeric powder to bacon, marinate with seasoning, salt, and fish sauce. Grill or fry bacon. Slice bacon and then marinate with grind garlic, 1 teaspoon of shrimp sauce, 1 spoon of ferment, salt, sugar, turmeric, and seasoning.

      Peel turmeric, grind and twist to take turmeric juice.

      Remove banana peel, slice horizontally then chop into 2 pieces. Soak them in vinegar to against them turning to black. Boil them quickly in water with turmeric and ferment.

      After boiling banana pieces quickly, fry them with grind garlic and onion. Pour snails’ boiled water into the mixture and boil them. Add salt, seasoning, ferment, turmeric juice, and shrimp sauce. When bananas are already cooked, add tofu, bacon, snails and cook together. Add spices to follow your favor.

      Take the heat off, add chopped perilla, chopped green onion, and mix.

Enjoy when this food is still hot with rice or fresh noodles