The exhibition “Femmes du Vietnam: Tradition et Modernities” (Vietnamese Women: Tradition and Modernity) is a joint venture between the France-Vietnam Friendship Association and the Loire-Atlantique region of France. It seeks to showcase the unique perspectives of the many Vietnamese women who have been impacted by a combination of traditional and modern influences. Through a variety of artworks, viewers can gain an understanding of how Vietnamese women have found ways to reconcile the two in today’s world. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to learn more about the culture, history, and lives of Vietnamese women.

More than 60 artworks showcasing the beauty of Vietnamese women from behind, along with their costumes, tools for work, and household utensils, were captured by Thiery Beyne during his past tours of Vietnam. The photographs highlight the grace and elegance of these women, offering a unique insight into Vietnam’s culture and customs. These works of art are sure to captivate viewers and provide an unforgettable experience.

Beyne began travelling in the 1980s, exploring a variety of Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

During his seven-year tour of Vietnam, he had the chance to traverse the length and breadth of the country, meet a variety of people, and use his work to present a variety of perspectives on life in Vietnam. From his travels, he was able to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and gain insight into the daily lives of the locals. This experience has allowed him to create stunning works of art that capture the true essence of Vietnam.

The exhibition showcases stunning black-and-white photographs featuring Vietnamese landscapes and people in their daily lives, snapped by renowned French photographer Jean-Michel Nicolau.

Besides, portraits of 11 outstanding Vietnamese women by French journalist Sabrina Rouille are being exhibited. These portraits provide an in-depth look into the lives of these women, highlighting their courage, intelligence, and strength. The portraits have been selected to celebrate the bravery and determination of the women who have made an immense contribution to their country. The exhibition seeks to inspire future generations to follow in the footsteps of these remarkable women.

The Festival aux Coeurs du Vietnam is hosting an event to commemorate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and France. This event is part of the Vietnamese heart festival, celebrating the long-standing connection between the two countries.

The exhibition will last through May 21.