Under a recent decision signed by Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha, a nationwide and international programme is set to be implemented in Vietnam and several other countries with longstanding cultural ties.

The content of cultural heritage, grassroots-level culture, performing arts, fine arts, photography, exhibitions, cinematography, library, training, national culture, foreign culture, and cultural industry will be the primary focus of this program. It will provide a platform to explore and appreciate the diverse aspects of culture, such as the performing arts, fine arts, photography, and exhibitions. Additionally, the program will give access to libraries and training opportunities to further hone and develop one’s skills. It will also serve to promote the national culture while embracing foreign culture and the cultural industry.

The scheme puts forward eight groups of tasks and solutions, including perfecting cultural policies, improving the operational efficiency of cultural institutions, and building a healthy cultural environment. It emphasizes the importance of developing a contingent of writers, artists, intellectuals, and human resources for cultural management, training, and scientific research; creating unique cultural products of Vietnam; as well as promoting Vietnamese culture to the world.

Efforts will be made to preserve and protect heritages and indigenous cultures which are in danger of dying out; collect rare and ancient documents of special historical, cultural, and scientific value for preservation; and apply cutting-edge information technology and digital transformation advances to enhance cultural heritage management.

The Government has issued a request for all centrally-run cities and provinces to allocate sufficient capital and effectively mobilise capital from other sources to invest in new cultural projects, especially those in newly developed urban areas. This will help to ensure the successful implementation of the projects and the overall enrichment of the cultural landscape.