Photo exhibition honors motherhood on International Women’s Day

To commemorate the two anniversaries, a captivating photo exhibition featuring Vietnamese women and children will be unveiled in Hanoi this coming March. Showcasing the resilience, beauty, and spirit of these incredible individuals, the exhibition aims to shed light on their invaluable contributions to society. With a diverse range of captivating photographs capturing tender moments and inspiring stories, this exhibition promises to be a poignant tribute to the strength and compassion of Vietnamese women and children. Join us as we celebrate their remarkable journeys through the power of visual storytelling.


A photo exhibition called “A Mother’s Love” by Le Bich, a well-known photographer from Hanoi, will be held at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum in downtown Hanoi from March 1 to 15.

The poster for the “A Mother’s Love” photo exhibition by artist Le Bich.

The exhibition features 30 color and black-and-white photos that capture the loving moments between Vietnamese mothers and their children. These photos were taken by photographer Le Bich over a period of nearly 20 years.

With his camera, the talented photographer traveled to various regions of Vietnam, from the mountainous areas in the north to the central provinces, engaging with people and capturing authentic and emotional images that portray the love of mothers.

Whether they reside in remote mountain villages or plains and coastal areas, whether they are women from ethnic minority backgrounds or urban dwellers, whether they are working hard or taking a moment of leisure, the Vietnamese mothers in Le Bich’s photographs all share one thing in common: a deep love for their children.

Le Bich, the talented photographer from Hanoi.

Le Bich was first inspired by the image of a H’Mong mother carrying her sleeping child on her back while selling goods at the Bac Ha mountainous market in 2005.

“That was the starting point of my journey to discover the heartwarming emotions of motherhood, which I carry in my heart and capture with my camera,” he shared.

The hardships and challenges faced by the ethnic communities in the highlands highlight the resilience of mothers and the beauty of their strength and love. Bich always finds inspiration in the sight of peacefully sleeping babies on their mothers’ backs along rugged mountain roads or mothers selling goods in the market or working in the fields. The harshness of the mountainous region seems to melt away in the warmth of a mother’s love.

A photo displayed at the exhibition.

Additionally, the event will feature the “A Mother’s Love” photo presentation ceremony, where artist Le Bich and a representative from the Vietnam Women’s Museum will be present. There will also be a meeting with journalist Tran Mai Anh, founder of the “Thien Nhan & Friends” Foundation, which supports underprivileged Vietnamese children, and poet Khanh Duong, author of the poetry collection “Sweet Hearts,” inspired by the story of the brave boy Thien Nhan. The exhibition will be accompanied by a traditional art performance.

Le Bich, born in Hanoi in 1972, is widely recognized for his artistic photographs of Hanoi, Vietnamese countryside landscapes, and traditional handicrafts. His photographic works capture reality with a touch that moves viewers, and he has received numerous prestigious national photography awards. He has also held many solo exhibitions and participated in various group exhibitions in the region.