The music video was set in Vietnam’s northern province of Ninh Binh with many scenes highlighting the beautiful natural landscapes there.

The song’s lyrics were written by Joseph Kwon himself, based on his own feelings and experiences in the Southeast Asian country. In the song, the Korean artist mentions the Vietnamese people as “the descendants of Hung Kings” and as “wonderful Vietnamese friends”.

As a graduate from the Conservatory of Music of Florence, Italy, Joseph Kwon worked as the conductor of the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)’s choir.

He once shared that he has been interested in Vietnam since he was a child. During his first visit to Vietnam, he was impressed by the scenic nature, unique culture and friendly people. He moved to work in Vietnam in 2019.

In 2020, he attended the K-V Culture Fair 2020 in Hanoi and released a music video entitled ‘Go Vietnam Go Go’, featuring artists from Vietnam and the Republic of Korea.