About 400 Vietnamese students from six universities and colleges in central Vietnam will have an opportunity to exchange opinions and feelings about Japanese culture, study, and job recruitment in Japan at the festival, according to the department.

A speaking contest in Japanese titled ‘Our Dream on the Vietnam-Japanese connection’ will be organized among Vietnamese students at the festival, along with a Japanese job fair and experience-sharing sessions with current students in Japan.

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture, Yuji Kuroiwa, and representatives of Japanese businesses in Da Nang will discuss the relationship between Japan and Vietnam, as well as the cooperation and investment from the two localities.

The festival is one of the activities planned for the anniversary year of Vietnam-Japan diplomatic ties in early 2023, according to the department.

Da Nang has signed friendship and cooperation agreements with Kisarazu, Kawasaki, Sakai, and Yokohama localities in Japan, and it has been hosting the annual Vietnam-Japan Cultural Exchange Day since 2014.

Japan upgraded its Consular Office in Da Nang City to the General Consulate just a year after it was established.

The city-based Dong A University, which is the only high-quality human resource training center for the Japanese market, established the first Japanese language studies and culture research faculty in central Vietnam.

Da Nang has been calling for stronger and deeper investment from Japanese businesses in Kisarazu, Yokohama, Osaka, Chiba, and Kanagawa.

Japanese investors have invested US$1.04 billion into 228 projects in Da Nang, creating 40,000 jobs for provinces in central Vietnam.

The Kanagawa Festival will help promote friendship between the two localities and other cities in Japan in the coming years, the department said.