Ory Anna-Maria’s 10 paintings were featured at an exhibition in Hanoi in October to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Hungary – Vietnam diplomatic ties. The exhibition showcased a variety of trees, including a pine tree from Hungary and nine others representing the trees of Hue City.

In an interview with Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper’s Thoi Nay (Present Times) Publication, Painter Ory Anna-Maria shared her love for trees, particularly those found in Vietnam.

Reporter: How did your love and passion for the people and trees in Hue develop?

Painter Ory Anna-Maria: After Hanoi successfully managed the initial COVID-19 outbreak, I traveled to and stayed in Hue City for a while. My boyfriend, who is also an artist, resides in the central city, which was the reason for my visit and extended stay. Over time, I developed a deep affection for this beautiful land and discovered many extraordinary trees. One in particular, a pine tree in Hue, captured my fascination and became a prominent subject in my paintings. Despite changes in its surroundings, the small tree stood steadfastly beside an old wall, its canopy growing taller and seemingly protecting the wall. It symbolizes an admirable love.

Reporter: What other influences shaped your paintings for this exhibition, aside from the “tree characters” in Hue?

Painter Ory Anna-Maria: I also found inspiration in the trees of Lang Co town. During my visit to the area, I witnessed a pine tree gracefully swaying in the wind, reminiscent of the pine trees of Hungary. In my paintings, I juxtaposed Vietnamese and Hungarian pine trees, allowing them to “communicate” and “connect” with each other. Additionally, I depicted the interaction of these trees with walls, using time and color as elements. Another painting captures West Lake in Hanoi during the period of social distancing. It offered me a different perspective of the capital city, which I love for its vibrant energy and tranquility.

Reporter: As you were unable to return to Hungary due to the COVID-19 outbreak, do you miss your homeland?

Painter Ory Anna-Maria: I am now completely at ease living in Vietnam. I have developed a deep affection for this country, its people, and its trees. I feel a sense of belonging in both countries. Vietnam fascinates me with its nature and culture, which serve as endless sources of inspiration for my art. Everywhere I go in Vietnam, I am filled with emotion and inspiration. My plan is to hold my own private exhibition dedicated to trees. Of course, I intend to explore more regions across the country to encounter many more remarkable trees.

Reporter: Thank you very much for the interview!

Painter Ory Anna-Maria graduated from the Hungarian Fine Arts University in 2006. Her artistic repertoire includes various mediums such as oil, pastels, tus ink, and watercolor. Since 2006, she has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide, including two in Hanoi in 2010 and 2017.