The Magic of Swan Lake Ballet Comes Alive in Hanoi

The Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) is proud to present the timeless and beloved ballet, Swan Lake. This iconic production, choreographed by the esteemed Meritorious Artist Luu Thu Lan, will feature the original Russian version, taking audiences on a magical journey through its captivating narrative and exquisite choreography.


The legendary ballet, Swan Lake, will grace the stage at the Hanoi Opera House from June 14 to 16, performed in its original Russian splendor.

First staged in Vietnam in 1985 under the guidance of Russian artists, this classic ballet has since enchanted Vietnamese audiences.

In 2019, the Vietnam National Opera and Ballet (VNOB) presented their own interpretation of Swan Lake, choreographed by the talented duo of General Director – People’s Artist Tran Ly Ly and choreographer Le Ngoc Van.

Now, after a five-year hiatus, the VNOB is proud to bring this timeless masterpiece back to life, presenting the original Russian version with a local twist, performed by a brilliant team of Vietnamese artists.

The iconic ballet, Swan Lake, returns to the Hanoi Opera House. Image: VNOB

According to Meritorious Artist Phan Manh Duc, Director of the VNOB, the decision to revive this ballet masterpiece stems from a desire to cater to the audience’s appetite for world-class art.

Swan Lake explores the constant battle between good and evil within the human psyche,” explains Duc. “It mirrors the struggles we face in our social lives. However, the power of love and noble ideals ultimately guide us through adversity towards eternal love. This universal theme resonates with audiences everywhere, which is why we are confident that this production will be well-received.”

With music by the celebrated composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Swan Lake holds a significant place in the history of ballet and is considered one of the most revered ballets of all time.

Over the past 140 years, it has been reinterpreted countless times, with performances spanning the globe and incorporating a diverse range of styles, from classical to modern interpretations.

Art director and choreographer Luu Thu Lan promises a passionate tribute to pure love. Image: VNOB

For this production, renowned choreographer Luu Thu Lan takes on the role of artistic director, infusing new energy into the timeless masterpiece. She promises a passionate tribute to pure love, where goodness prevails, despite the challenges that life presents.

Swan Lake remains unparalleled in its influence, artistry, and the grandeur of its choreography and music,” says Lan. “Staging this ballet according to the original version is a daunting task, but one that I embrace wholeheartedly, along with the incredible team of dancers and creatives.”

The VNOB’s soloists, masters Pham Thu Hang and Nguyen Duc Hieu, alongside young artists Lan Nhi, Khanh Bang, and Lan Chi, will bring the ballet to life, accompanied by the captivating music conducted by Dong Quang Vinh.

The costumes for this production are designed by Japan’s Atelier Yoshino, specialists in classical ballet stage costumes, in collaboration with fashion designer EllieVu, ensuring a visually stunning spectacle.

Swan Lake weaves a tale of magic, tragedy, and romance, captivating audiences with its timeless story. Based on a German fairy tale, it tells the tragic love story of Prince Siegfried and the Swan Princess, Odette, who falls under the curse of the witch Rothbart, forcing her to live as a swan by day and a young woman by night.

However, the curse can be broken if Odette finds true love. Siegfried and Odette’s love endures numerous trials and tribulations, including the interference of evil magic and the introduction of Odile, Rothbart’s daughter, who seeks to seduce Siegfried. Despite these challenges, their love remains strong, ultimately prevailing over the forces of darkness.

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