The move was made following the recommendation by the city’s health department as passengers on the ship were from countries with severe coronavirus outbreaks, including the hotspot Italy. Vietnam News Agency reports.

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The Silver Spirit ship, sailing under the flag of the Bahamas, reportedly has 826 people on board, including a crew of 403 and 423 passengers. The ship asked for permission to dock at Ho Chi Minh City’s port on Friday so its passengers and crew could visit the city.

Responding to the refusal of the city’s committee, the captain decided to head to another destination on Thursday night.

According to the city’s health department, by Friday morning, four coronavirus cases were confirmed in the city, with three patients recovered and discharged from hospitals.

The health of the city’s fourth case, also the 32nd case in Việt Nam, is reportedly stable, with no fever and less coughing. As many as 115 people are suspected to be infected the novel coronavirus virus and 292 people are currently at the city’s quarantine centre.