The image of a Vietnamese Banh Mi (bread) now appears above the search function on, along with 10 other Google websites in the United States, Canada, Singapore, France, Australia, and Switzerland.

“Some accounts post Banh Mi humble beginnings to the late 1950s street stalls of Saigon’s noisy alleys, but an official origin story is yet to be verified. What is universally accepted about Banh Mi history is its French inspiration, the staple baguette sandwich,” according to Google Doodle. 

It adds, “A traditional Banh Mi consists of crispy and airy bread packed with a meat of choice, such as pork pâté, giò lụa (Vietnamese cold cuts, or meatballs), sweet, crunchy veggies and herbs, such as pickled radishes, carrots, and cilantro, a spread of mayonnaise or margarine, and savory soy sauce, finally topped with chili sauce or peppers. Voilà! By replacing European flavors with Vietnamese ingredients, a tangy and sweet while simultaneously spicy and salty takeaway food was born.”

Throughout the nation’s different regions the famous cuisine comes in a variety of different tastes. Examples include the Banh Mi Cha Ca in Nha Trang city (bread containing grilled chopped fish), the Banh Mi Thit Rim in Hoi An city (bread with simmered meat), the Banh Mi Xiu Mai in Phan Thiet city (bread with meatballs), and the Banh Mi Thit Kho in Quy Nhon city (bread with stew meat).

In addition, the local delicacy has gone on to be popularised through many Vietnamese celebrities, notable examples include H’Hen Nie wearing a national costume featuring the Banh Mi as part of her participation Miss Universe 2018. Indeed, her impressive performance helped to introduce the dish to the world.

Google Doodle notes, “In current times, one can find countless spin-offs of the sandwich in street stands, markets, and restaurants across the world, from New York, to Seoul, to Saigon. Koreans often enjoy Banh Mi stuffed with their signature bulgogi, barbeque beef, and kimchi. In the US, many popular recipes have traded the baguette with a brioche bun to create a miniaturized version: Banh Mi sliders.”