Fireworks will last for a total of 15 minutes and are set to start at midnight on January 21. Funding for the show will be contributed by a group of local businesses.

This will be the first time in three years that the capital’s authorities have planned to organise the firework shows in order to usher in the Lunar New Year in all districts and towns in Hanoi, just as they did before the onset of COVID-19.

This comes after Hanoi canceled the New Year fireworks and countdown celebrations back in 2021 due to the complicated developments relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The capital had previously put on a series of fireworks display at Thong Nhat Park as the only one venue to welcome the 2022 Lunar New Year.

Elsewhere, Da Nang will celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year with immense joy and spectacular firework shows on the evening of January 21.

The upcoming 15-minute firework displays will take place on Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, at the Phuong Trang commercial high-rise complex, and at the Hoa Vang district administrative centre area.

The 2023 Lunar New Year holiday in Vietnam will last from January 20 to January 26, according to the Prime Minister’s decision.

This means that the national holiday, also called Tet, which is the biggest traditional festival for Vietnamese people, will be from the 29th day in the 12th lunar month of the Year of the Tiger to the fifth day in the first lunar month of the Year of the Cat.