‘Cai luong’ combines opera with spoken drama to create a vibrant expression of Vietnamese culture and identity.

Accompanied by an orchestra containing traditional Vietnamese instruments like the six-string zither, ‘cai luong’ brings to life a wide range of stories, from ancient legends of monarchs and warriors to explorations of modern Vietnamese social themes. 

While the subject material may vary, one common element is the signature melancholic song structure called ‘vong co,’ which translates to ‘nostalgia for the past.’

In addition to the Doodle feature, Google cooperated with the Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV) to promote the iconic ‘cai luong’ play ‘Tieng Trong Me Linh’ (The Drum Sound of Me Linh) on its video-sharing platform YouTube.

A screenshot of the iconic ‘cai luong’ play 'Tieng trong Me Linh'

A screenshot of the iconic ‘cai luong’ play ‘Tieng Trong Me Linh’

The historical play tells the true story of the Trung sisters who helped lead the fight for Vietnamese independence from the Chinese Han Dynasty in the 1st century. 

A classic of the art form, ‘Tieng Trong Me Linh’ has been staged by many of Vietnam’s top ‘cai luong’ performers since it first debuted in 1977.

In order for the celebration’s meaning to be widely spread to the public, Google also invited veteran ‘cai luong’ artists and their young successors to create and share content cheering for the national traditional art on their personal YouTube channels.

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