Official Launch of Ho Chi Minh City’s Inaugural Children’s Book Festival

NDO – The first children’s book festival in Ho Chi Minh City, with the theme “Opening the book - Bright future”, kicked off on September 27.


The book fair is being organized jointly by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Information and Communications, various agencies, departments, publishing houses, and book companies. The objective of the event is to discover and cultivate exemplary reading habits that can be shared with communities throughout the city.

During the book fair, children will have the opportunity to nurture their reading habits with a diverse range of books. They will also participate in intellectual training games and engage in creative activities through various captivating playgrounds, including origami paper folding, Lego assembly games, Playdoh clay modeling, pottery crafting, and painting.

Families, parents, and children will have an interactive space called “read with children” where they can share and discuss exceptional books. Additionally, they can receive guidance on environmental protection and take part in a book exchange program.

Readers will also enjoy a discounted rate of 20-50% on children’s books. The “Book exchange program” will encourage children to share their valuable knowledge with others and broaden their own knowledge by obtaining new books.

The book fair aspires to create a cultural space for reading and engage in meaningful activities for children. It strives to contribute to the development of a learning society by promoting the reading movement and fostering reading habits among the younger generation, both within families, schools, and society as a whole.