Vietnam Tuong Theatre marks 60th anniversary

NDO/VNA – The Vietnam Tuong Theatre, formally known as the Northern Tuong Art Troup, celebrated its 60th anniversary in a ceremony at Hong Ha theatre, downtown Hanoi, on September 9.


The Vietnam Tuong Theatre was established in 1959 with only 15 artists to preserve and promote the art of Tuong, the Vietnamese classic drama. The theatre, now home to 120 artists and staff, has won several awards from the State and Party as well as at international festivals for its contributions and performances.

The theatres was honoured by the Government on its 60th anniversary.

Tuong, originating in the 12th century, consists of singing, dancing and music, all of which are highly stylised and symbolic.

Common themes include fealty to kings and patriotic duty, which extend through the play’s structure, features, language, music, colour, struggles and the personality of the characters.

Performers wear costumes that sometimes weigh up to 10kg. They use their entire body to dance vigorously and sing powerfully to express characters’ emotions.