Countries exempt VN travelers from COVID-19 self-isolation

Travelers arriving from Vietnam will no longer be forced to self-isolate for a two-week period upon arrival in several countries, including Singapore, South Africa, and the UK.

Vietnamese citizens are exempted from COVID-19 self-isolation when travelling to several countries.
Vietnamese citizens are exempted from COVID-19 self-isolation when travelling to several countries.

Singapore has unilaterally removed border restrictions for visitors from Vietnam starting October 8 due to the nation’s effective control of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Individuals traveling from Vietnam can register themselves to the Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for free between seven and 10 days before entering the island state.

South Africa has also opened up to welcome tourists from several countries, including Vietnam. The African nation requires visitors to present a negative COVID-19 test that is less than 72 hours old. In addition, South Africa will try to limit the arrival of tourists from countries that are considered high risk, including the United States, the UK, Russia, and Brazil.

Meanwhile, the UK Government has permitted quarantine-free international travel to approximately 60 “lower risk countries”, including Vietnam, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan (China), and Macau (China). Elsewhere, India and the US are also among the countries excluded from the list of nearly 60 low-risk nations.

The new measures, which had originally came into force on July 10, mean that people arriving from several green or amber destinations will be able to enter the UK without the need to self-isolate, unless they have been in or have transited through non-exempt countries 14 days prior.


Moreover, the Maldives has been open to all global tourists since July 15 without the need to go through a mandatory quarantine upon arrival at Velana International Airport. However, due to an increasing number of COVID-19 cases, since September 10 tourists visiting the island nation have needed a negative COVID-19 certification 72 hours ahead of their arrival.

Dubai has also reopened to foreign tourists since July 7, with all arrivals required to produce a medical certificate showing a negative COVID-19 test result within four days prior to arrival, or alternatively undergo a mandatory PCR test at the airport in the Emirate.

In Africa, Tanzania first began to welcome tourists back in June. Since September 15, the country does not require any foreign travelers to show negative COVID-19 test results.

At present, Brazil is welcoming tourists from around the world with no restrictions, aside from being required to have health insurance for the duration of their trip. VOV