Bounty of the flood season

Hau Giang is one of the provinces at the end of Hau River, a branch of the Mekong River in the south of Vietnam. Hence flood season here comes later than areas along other sections of the river delta.


A rice field submerged in flood water. 

This year, the flood was not very high. Yet long heavy rain has submerged rice fields for many days.

According to statistics from the local agriculture sector, some 6,500ha of rice was damaged by rain together with 2,480ha of fruit trees and 500ha of vegetables.

A local man fisheson a field.

In flood season, locals earn a living by fishing and catching rats.


Delicacies of the flood season, though not as abundant as in previous years, still creates a bustling atmosphere typical for the area. — VNS

A local market full of special vegetables and food popular in flood season.

Flood brings various agricultural products.

A sunset over the flooded area.

Duy Khuong (VNS)