“I am eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Lunar New Year,” she expressed to the Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper.

The Tet festival holds a special place in the ambassador’s heart as the streets come alive with vibrant activity and colors.

During this time, people venture out to shop, hoping for a prosperous and auspicious new year.

Ambassador Måwe often spends time cycling around Hanoi, or joining her Vietnamese friends to celebrate traditional Tet with their family.

In this photo, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Måwe wears ‘ao dai’ (Vietnam’s traditional costume) and a Vietnamese turban ‘khan dong’ while opening a loaf of ‘banh chung,’ a traditional Tet food in the northern region.

Having lived in Vietnam for several years, she lovingly describes it as “a wonderful place”, highlighting its delicious cuisine and enchanting natural beauty as her favorite aspects.

Vietnamese people are always wearing smiles, she added.

Having visited Vietnam in the past and now living and working in the Southeast Asian country, she has witnessed the continuous growth and transformation of Vietnam on a daily basis.

Three decades ago, in her perspective, Vietnam was considered a less prosperous country where people faced hardships in their lives.

However, within the span of 30 years, Vietnam has undergone an astounding transformation into a different country, one that is significantly more developed and prosperous.

Millions of people have successfully lifted themselves out of poverty during this transformative period.

Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Måwe gifts helmets to children in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, central Vietnam in 2023. Photo: B.D. / Tuoi Tre

Måwe firmly believes in Vietnam’s success and attributes it to the resilience and vitality of its people, especially the presence of a young and energetic generation.

“I sense that within each Vietnamese individual lies immense inner strength, resilience, and most notably, a deep sense of confidence and optimism towards the future,” she stated.

“They always look forward.”

In this photo, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam Ann Mawe is seen riding a scooter.

Throughout her time as ambassador, she has been committed to facilitating the exchange of information about the investment climate in Vietnam for businesses in Sweden and vice versa, as well as promoting information about Sweden to the Vietnamese community.

“Recently, I have noticed that the Vietnamese government has placed great importance on the environment and gender equality, two areas that require more attention to ensure sustainable development,” she commented.

In 2024, Vietnam and Sweden will celebrate 55 years of diplomatic relations.