The business must prepare nearly 5,000 snakehead fish as they work hard to serve customers.

Each snakehead fish weighs more than one kg.

A grilled snakehead í sold for VND180,000 to VND250,000 depending on the weight.

According to traditions, worshipers must offer a whole fish without either scraping off the scales or removing the tail.

The God of Wealth is worshipped by families across Vietnam and is believed to control money and finances.

On God of Wealth Day, religious people, particularly families involved in business, pray for prosperity and good fortune throughout the year.

Unlike northerners who flock to gold shops on this day, southerners make offerings of gold, fruit, grilled meat, and grilled snakehead fish.

At the stalls on Tan Ky – Tan Quy street, employees are hard at work pre-processing fish, preparing vegetables, and making sauce.

Grilled snakehead fish businesses earn big money on God of Wealth Day