The book event entitled “A touch of Hanoi culture” will be organized from April 16 to 18 at Van Mieu Temple of Literature by Truong Phuong Company and MaiHa Books, aiming at honoring books and reading culture.

The classic ‘Kim Van Kieu’ (Kieu’s Tale) by Vietnamese great poet Nguyen Du- a MaiHa Books’ special publication in do paper.  

According to the organizers, along with book booths, a series of cultural activities aimed at attracting the attention of readers of all ages will also be organized in the authentic Vietnamese cultural space with decoration highlights featuring Hanoi in the old days.

Representatives from MaiHa Books said that the publisher will introduce three lines of books at the up-coming book event, including the academic books, heritage books with eye-catching layout; and children’s books.

The MaiHa Books’ heritage books are printed on high-quality do paper to showcase the beauty of the traditional printing materials. Especially, the classic ‘Kim Van Kieu’ (Kieu’s Tale) by Vietnamese great poet Nguyen Du is republished in a limited quantity of 100 copies on do papers with lacquered covers.

Participating to the event, visitors will have chance to experience a simple step of the do paper making process to understand more about the meticulous technique of making this special type of paper.

Apart from indulging themselves in unique cultural space with thousands of books, visitors can take part in some folk games, as well as enjoy traditional art performances. A “nostalgic” space featuring décor from the “subsidized economy period” (1954-1986) and is expected to attract middle-aged visitors.

The event is organized to honor the Vietnam Book Day which falls on April 21.