The programme features the participation of nearly 100 people from 14 ethnic groups, including the Dao, Mong, La Chi, and Thai ethnic groups from Ha Giang and Son La provinces, along with artists and actors from the Vietnam Puppet Theater.

The activities in April are being implemented with two options: if the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended, they will be organized on weekends and the scale of activities will be reduced. If there is an end to the Covid-19 epidemic in April, activities will return to normal, especially highlighted activities to attract tourists during the holidays.

The programme includes activities celebrating the 46th anniversary of the Liberation of South Vietnam and National Reunification Day’, a highland fair, reenacting the custom and festivals, and a folk dance programme.

In addition, every day at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, there are also cultural, culinary introduction activities, experiential activities to meet the needs of groups, introduce indigenous culture and handicraft products, and play the folk games of ethnic groups.

The highlight of the programme is activities commemorating the death anniversary of the Hung King.

In addition, on this occasion, coming to the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, visitors can also enjoy folk dance and puppet shows performed by artists from the Vietnam Puppet Theater