Sun World Fansipan Legend goes vibrant with northwest cuisine festival

NDO/VNA – The northwest cuisine and cultural space festival opened at the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourism site, Sa Pa town in the mountainous province of Lao Cai on August 8.


Visitors to the festival have chance to enjoy the kaleidoscopic cultures of ethnic groups in the northwestern region with mountainous markets and traditional dances and singing.

They are treated to hundreds of excellent staples such as large pans of “thang co” (a dish made from horse meat and its organs), smoked buffalo meat hung up in kitchen, plump smoked sausage, and various kinds of wines.

Particularly, the life of local people is illustrated through the re-enactment of the traditional wedding of Dao ethnic people, as well as a string of folk games like stick pushing, bamboo dancing and walking on stilts, among others.

A grand bamboo dancing drawing 7,600 people stirred up the festival atmosphere. It also smashed Vietnam’s record in the number of participants.

The festival, the third of its kind so far, will last until September 10. It aims to preserve and honour traditional culture of the northwestern region.