Vietnamese artists to show talent at folk music concert

The Hanoitimes - The program will take place only one night on December 19 at the Vietnam National Academy of Music, Hanoi.


The “Folk on Jazz/Folk on Strings” concert featuring the first-ever fusion of traditional music, jazz, string orchestra and symphony orchestra, will be held in Hanoi on December 19, with the participation of more than 40  artists. 

 The “Folk on Jazz/Folk on Strings” concert will be held in Hanoi.

The concert includes six individual works of various themes, stories, colors, and shades of emotion and which expects to give the audience a glimpse of how music could break boundaries, travel through times and spaces.

Among more than 40 artists participating in the concert are veteran musicians of traditional art genres such as Tuồng musicians Nguyen Ngoc Khanh and Nguyen Van Quy, Chèo musician Nguyen Minh Chi, Cải lương artist Dao Van Trung, Đàn môi artist Nguyen Duc Minh, and experienced jazz musicians and symphonic orchestras under the leadership of talented cellist Phan Do Phuc.

The concert introduces newly composed works expressing the desire to convey the quintessential beauty, the lyrical grace of the melodies of the Tuồng, Chèo, Cải lương and the Northwestern mountains, enticing the audience travel into a wider musical space with the impromptu structure of jazz music combined with the expansive expressive power of orchestral and brass orchestras.

Music director of the program is artist Quyen Thien Dac, who is always researching for the possibilities of combining jazz with folk music or traditional instruments.