Vietnamese and American Musicians to Bring Joy to Hanoi

Celebrating a decade of diplomatic and economic ties between the United States and Vietnam, a special concert will feature American cellist Bryan Charles Wilson along with leading Vietnamese artists.


The American Center Hanoi is excited to announce the upcoming 10th Anniversary Culture Show, a special event dedicated to celebrating the milestone of the US-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership. Join us as we commemorate this important occasion with an evening filled with cultural performances, exhibitions, and more. Don’t miss out on this momentous occasion!

The upcoming show will showcase exceptional musicians including cellist Bryan Charles Wilson, dan bau player Ngo Tra My, dan tranh player Pham Tra My, as well as talented musician Tri Minh.

Wilson will guide the audience on a captivating musical expedition, commencing with his latest album, “Tri Am” (Understanding), wherein he artfully reinterprets Vietnamese melodies employing the enchanting notes of the cello.

“I am incredibly honored and humbled to return to Vietnam with a beautiful show at the American Center Hanoi,” expressed Wilson.

 Cellist Bryan Charles Wilson will join Vietnamese artists in a special concert. Photo courtesy of the artist

“I am privileged to collaborate with these esteemed artists to craft a captivating performance that seamlessly intertwines my recently composed compositions for cello with the age-old sounds of traditional instruments like the dan tranh and dan bau. In this harmonious partnership, we will transcend artistic boundaries and engage in a profound musical dialogue, fusing the mesmerizing tones of these exquisite instruments with enthralling electronic musical elements,” stated Wilson.

Bryan Charles Wilson is a groundbreaking cellist and composer who mesmerizes audiences around the globe. His innovative performances in film, dance, puppetry, and animation have left a profound impression, gaining recognition from notable platforms such as Good Day New York and Vietnamese National Television.

During his time in Vietnam, Bryan engaged in collaborative projects with esteemed musicians and showcased his talent on national television and in sold-out concert venues. His participation in two prestigious FAMLAB music residencies illustrates his ability to seamlessly blend traditional Vietnamese melodies with modern influences.

In 2023, Bryan’s highly anticipated album, Tri Am, showcases his artistic vision by merging Vietnam’s rich cultural heritage with traditional music. Bryan also serves as the director of the Bryan Wilson Cello Studio, where he provides comprehensive training to students around the globe in classical, contemporary, and improvisational techniques. Additionally, his influential books on string pedagogy have revolutionized learning in the field, serving as an inspiration to aspiring musicians worldwide.

Ngo Tra My is a highly acclaimed dan bau teacher and soloist hailing from Vietnam. She is widely recognized for her exceptional proficiency in both traditional and contemporary music. Ngo Tra My has garnered numerous accolades throughout her career, including the prestigious Certificate of Merit from the National Traditional Professional Music Festival, as well as a Masters of Music Pedagogic.

Ngo Tra My is an esteemed music educator who possesses a rich experience teaching at the Malmö Academy of Music-Lund University. She is actively engaged in multiple music groups, such as The Six Tones and the Thang Long traditional music band.

Her exceptional talent has allowed her to mesmerize audiences across more than 40 nations, enthralling them with breathtaking performances at renowned international music festivals and cultural events. Through her fine artistry, she continues to promote the exquisite beauty of dan bau and traditional Vietnamese music on a global scale.

Pham Tra My is an esteemed teacher at the Vietnam National Academy of Music where she specializes in dan tranh performance. She is highly recognized for her musical talents, having achieved gold and silver medals at prestigious national traditional instrumental music festivals, as well as earning special prizes at international festivals held in France and Italy.

Tri Minh is an innovative musician who pushes the boundaries of conventional music genres with his experimental approach. He is the founder of Hanoi Sound Stuff, an esteemed electronic and experimental music festival. Tri Minh has collaborated with talented musicians from across the globe, showcasing his versatility and passion for music.

Please use the following link to register for the event:

The event is scheduled to commence at 5 pm on July 26th at the esteemed American Center Hanoi, located at 170 Ngoc Khanh Street. Additionally, for those unable to attend in person, the exhilarating performance will be broadcasted in real-time on the American Center Hanoi fan page.