Vietnam to Host Design Week 2023 in Late September

At this year's “Embracing Constraints” event, creative Vietnamese designers have showcased their captivating works that promote environmental protection and sustainable development, illustrating the boundless possibilities of design.


The fourth edition of the VietNam Design Week 2023 will take place from September 23 to September 29 at the prestigious Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam, also known as the Temple of Literature, in Hanoi.

 The DU II design was created by designer Vu Khanh Linh. Photo courtesy of the organizer

The opening ceremony of the event will take place at Thai Hoc Yard, accompanied by the exhibition of the prestigious Designed by VietNam Contest at Tien Duong House and the enchanting Design Fair Vietnam hosted in front of the revered Giam Garden, within the serene grounds of the internationally renowned Temple of Literature. This grand occasion is scheduled for the evening of Saturday, September 23.

The week of activities will culminate with the Closing Ceremony and Awards Ceremony on September 19th.

Vietnam Design Week is pleased to announce the introduction of the prestigious Design of the Year 2023 Award, which aims to honor the exceptional product designs in Vietnam. This year, the event will also feature the Design Fair Vietnam, an exciting showcase that will take place at Vuon Giam, a remarkable venue renowned for its striking architecture and stunning landscapes.

The fair will showcase an impressive array of nearly 50 domestic and international design and production companies and organizations. With over 100 meticulously curated booths, spanning a range of fields including furniture and exterior, furniture and decoration, handicrafts, fashion, media, and more, the event promises to offer a comprehensive showcase of top-quality products. These exhibits have been thoughtfully chosen by the organizing committee to ensure a diverse and impactful display.

 A clothing design called Ratla Xuan by designer Nguyen Khai Tam 

At the announcement ceremony of the event on September 14th, Le Viet Ha, Chairman of VietNam Design Group and Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee of VietNam Design Week, highlighted the event as an important platform to connect the contemporary design community with traditional handicraft villages across the country.

“We are excited to announce that this year, we have expanded our range of activities to further promote the design industry in Vietnam. In addition to our flagship Designed by VietNam competition, we are pleased to introduce two new initiatives. The Design Fair Vietnam aims to bridge the gap between designers, manufacturers, and enterprises, facilitating the introduction of well-designed products to the market. Additionally, we will be presenting the prestigious Design of the Year Award, honoring exceptional product designs. These additions will undoubtedly enhance the recognition and support for the talented designers in our country,” he elaborated.

Le Xuan Kieu, the Director of the Center for Cultural and Scientific Activities at the Temple of Literature, expressed that through various events and upcoming initiatives like the VietNam Design Week, particularly the Design Fair in Vuon Giam, the community will have the opportunity to witness their adoration for Hanoi and profound admiration for aesthetics being fulfilled.

 The fashion collection titled Cai (The Reform) by Vietnamese designer Tran Minh Truong

The fourth edition of the “Designed by Vietnam” competition, centered around the theme of “Embracing Constraints,” was officially launched in late April 2023. An impressive total of 150 entries were submitted for consideration. Following careful deliberation, the esteemed advisory board has handpicked 31 outstanding designs to be showcased at the upcoming exhibition and final stage of the competition. Notably, this curated selection includes 10 exceptional designs catering specifically to the public toilets situated near Hoan Kiem Lake, thus adhering to a distinct industry theme.

Vietnam Design Week is the premier and largest design event in the country, brought to you by VietNam Design Group, in collaboration with the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts (VICAS), the Copyright Office of Vietnam (Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism), and the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports. Our primary goal is to recognize and celebrate exceptional Vietnamese products and designers.

The program encompasses a range of engaging activities, including the prestigious Designed by Vietnam competition, the highly sought-after Design of the Year Award, and the vibrant Design Fair Vietnam. Complementing these noteworthy events are a plethora of informative and inspiring exhibitions, seminars, and workshops. Our mission is to foster the advancement of Vietnam’s design industry by nurturing the country’s cultural and creative sectors. Moreover, we aspire to elevate the standing of Vietnamese creative products in both local and global markets.

 The design of a public restroom in Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, will be introduced at VietNam Design Week 2023.