The Vietnamese e-Sports Championship (VEC) and the e-Sports Tournament (UEC) will be held on the annual basis, starting from 2021 by the Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sports Association (VIRESA).

 Vietnam hosts two annual e-sports tournaments from 2021. Photo: VIRESA

Both tournaments are expected to feature ten categories with the aim of selecting Vietnamese athletes to compete in international arenas. The competed games of these two tournaments will be decided depending on the situations, and will officially be announced by the VIRESA soon.

In addition, the VIRESA will work on selecting a list of games suitable to be included in the competition list as well as step by step consolidating organizational structure of the association.   

VIRESA’s Secretary General Do Viet Hung said that the association will prioritize activities related to the upcoming 31st Southeast Asian Games in Vietnam as e-sport is one of 40 events which will be competed at the largest regional sport games which is slated to be held in November.

A white book on Vietnamese e-sports will to be released on February 1, which provides key information, official figures from interviews with 50 leading local and foreign enterprises, and responses to 10,000 questionnaires in the sector. It will also give an overview of Vietnam’s e-sports industry, according to the VIRESA.

Established in 2009, the association aims to promote the achievements of Vietnam e-sports and recreational sports, thereby affirming the position of Vietnam’s industry in the region and in the world. By 2024, the country will strive to rank first among the countries of Southeast Asia. 

The association’s task is to make Vietnam the hub of international e-sports and recreational sporting events in Southeast Asia, build a “Strategy for the development of Vietnam e-sports and recreation for the period 2020-2030”.