The Vietnam Film Week will take place at the National Cinema Center in Dong Da District, Hanoi, in celebration of the 23rd Vietnam Film Festival. Meanwhile, in Danang, the film week will be hosted by the Center for Culture and Cinema.

The 28 films showcased during the event include the most outstanding productions of Vietnamese cinema in recent times, such as “Girl from the Past,” “Dao, Pho and Piano,” “Em va Trinh” (Me and Trinh), “FANTI,” “Jasmine,” “Anonymous,” “Glorious Ashes,” and others.

One of the highlights of Vietnam Film Week 2023 is the film “Dao, Pho and Piano,” which portrays the rebellious spirit of Hanoians during the anti-French war. Directed by Phi Tien Son, “Dao, Pho and Piano” depicts the intense and heroic moments of the 60-day Battle of Hanoi in 1946. The film follows the story of a young couple who bravely meet each other on February 17, 1947, before the Vietnamese troops retreated to the Viet Bac military zone and began the long war of resistance.

In the midst of the house-to-house, street-to-street battle, the lovers have only a few hours to get married, experiencing a situation between life and death. The film focuses on their last moments – moments of love for life, beauty, and freedom.

Another highlight of the festival is “Glorious Ashes” (2022) by director Bui Thac Chuyen. Set in the poor coastal village of Thom Rom in the Mekong Delta, the film tells the story of three women whose love lives are unusual and unique. The film received great acclaim from cinema experts and audiences and was selected as Vietnam’s entry for Best International Feature Film at the 96th Academy Awards in 2024. It also won several prestigious awards, including the Inaugural Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant, the Montgolfière d’or at the Three Continents Festival, and four awards at the Kite Awards in 2023.

The 23rd Vietnam Film Festival will be held from November 21-25 in the central highland city of Dalat. The festival is organized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in cooperation with the Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee. It is an annual national arts and culture event that celebrates the country’s major holidays and aims to build and promote the national brand of Vietnam Film Festival from 2021 to 2030.