“True Friend” contest of Army Games 2021 closed

The contest wrapped up on August 30 at Ben Aknoun Military Sports Training and Competition Center of the Algerian Ministry of Defense in Algiers with the attendance of the host country Prime Minister Imene Benabderrahmane.


After more than a week of exciting competition, the “True Friend” category of the 2021 Army Games has officially closed. Five teams competed in the contest, including Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, and the host country Algeria.

The teams competed in the Dog Biathlon-individual race, exercise Marksman, Dog biathlon-relay, Protective service, and Overcoming the 300-meter obstacle course.
Among the three teams in the women’s category, Uzbekistan ranked first, followed by Russia and Algeria. In the men’s category, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Belarus also respectively secured the first, second, and third places. Algeria and Vietnam took the last positions.

Vietnamese contingent joined “True Friend” competition at International Army Games 2021. Photo: Trong Nghia/ Quan doi nhan dan online

According to Lt. Col. Hoang Ngoc Sang, head of the Vietnamese team in Algeria, although did not get the high results, the Vietnamese contingent still made a great stride at the contest and outperformed itself compared to the 2020 Games and its training results at home.

“The professional gap between the Vietnamese team and others has shortened a lot. We will practice more to achieve better results in next year’s Army Games, ” he said.

On August 28, Vietnam secured second place among the five teams in the AK rifle team shooting event of the “True Friend” competition. Sub-lieutenant Trieu the Bo also ranked second in the AK rifle individual shooting.

“True Friend” contest is one among 17 games of the International Army Games 2021 program which includes Tank Biathlon, Safe Route, Sea Cup, Sniper Frontier, Gunsmith Master, Masters of Artillery Fire, Clear Sky, Safe Environment, Military Medical Relay Race, Field Kitchen, and Emergency Area, among others.

This is the fourth time Vietnam has participated in the Games. The country hosts the events “Sniper Frontier” and “Emergency Area” of the Games this year. The opening ceremony of the Army Games in Vietnam officially kicked off today in Hanoi.