Television film highlights Vietnamese society during Covid-19 outbreak

A television film, titled “Unforgettable days”, will begin to air on VTV1 Channel on April 6, examining Vietnamese society during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The film “Unforgettable days” will begin to air on VTV1 Channel on April 6

The 40-episode film was directed by Meritorious Artist Danh Dung and Trinh Le Phong and was produced by the Vietnam Television Film Centre.

The main characters of the film are those from two films “Ve nha di con” (Come Home, My Dear) and “Co gai nha nguoi ta” (The girl of another family).

The film reflects life in both cities and rural areas in Vietnam after the Covid-19 epidemic outbreaks.

This is the first time the Vietnam Television Film Centre have made a full-length film with characters from other films, promising to deliver many interesting surprises to audiences.

Flaws in society, such as people rushing to hoard food, raising prices of food, fake news and avoiding isolation, will be mentioned.

However, most importantly, “Unforgettable days” with highlight the stories about the responsibility, human love and solidarity of the community as well as the people’s gratitude to the forces at the front lines in the fight against the epidemic.