Spring Book Fair: 10 Days of Literary Bliss

Hanoi Book Street will be open during Tet holiday with the theme "Knowledge in Hand - Spring with a Thousand Blessings".


The Spring Book Fair 2024, the annual event, opened today in Hanoi intending to promote people’s reading habits and provide a recreational venue for locals and visitors to the capital city during the Lunar New Year of the Dragon.

The Spring Book Fair 2024. Photo: Pho sach Hanoi 19/2

Spring Book Fair 2024 will open until February 14 at Hanoi Book Street in Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi. The fair will feature bookstores and recreational areas to promote the development of teamwork, thinking, and creativity among children and students in Hanoi.

In addition, fun corners such as a registration point, relaxation, and reading areas will be set up. There will be areas to introduce traditional Vietnamese cultures, such as calligraphy counters, folk painting display areas, and lucky money-giving workshops.

The highlight of this year’s Spring Book Fair is a series of cultural and artistic performances that are open to the public, including: a music and dance performance with the theme of “Celebrating the Party – Celebrating the Year of the Dragon 2024”; performances of Xam, Ca Tru, Cheo singing; the dance competition called “Spring Leap”; a children’s fashion show, and others.

The Spring Book Fair is said to be one of several book-related events organized by the Hanoi authorities to promote people’s reading habits and contribute to the development of a learning society.