Return of Hanoi Singing Contest with Revamped Format

Fifteen talented artists have been selected to compete in the annual city-wide art contest. The incredibly competitive contest offers an invitation to participation in some of the city's largest and most esteemed art events for the winners.


The Hanoi Singing Contest 2023 has recently commenced with the aim of discovering skilled and accomplished vocalists for the city’s cultural initiatives. This announcement was made by Hanoi Radio and Television during a press briefing on August 29th.

The competition’s predecessor is the Hanoi Television Singing Contest, which was first held in 1994 and took place every two years until it was discontinued in 2010.

 Journalist Nguyen Kim Khiem, General Director and Editor-in-Chief of Hanoi Radio and Television Station, speaks at the press briefing. Photo: The Hanoi Times

This singing competition is recognised as one of the premier events in the country, renowned for its exceptional standards and widespread participation. Organised by Hanoi Radio and Television, this esteemed programme has become an integral part of our rich cultural heritage.

Several talented singers who emerged victorious from the prestigious Hanoi Television Singing Contest have since risen to superstardom. This impressive list includes renowned artists such as Meritorious Artist Mai Hoa, Meritorious Artist Phuong Anh, as well as accomplished singers Anh Tho, Ho Quynh Huong, Hoang Quyen, and Kasim Hoang Vu, among others.

The Hanoi Singing Contest 2023 is being facilitated by esteemed organizations and agencies including the Vietnam Musicians Association, Hanoi Music Association, and renowned singers.

Journalist Nguyen Kim Khiem, the General Director and Editor-in-chief of Hanoi Radio and Television, expressed that the objective of this competition is to discover and cultivate young talent.

“The competition offers a unique opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their talent and gain visibility. It serves as a platform for young and aspiring artists to shine in the industry. Contestants are encouraged to explore new songs inspired by Hanoi and showcase their own original compositions,” stated journalist Nguyen Kim Khiem.

 Singer Khanh Linh rose to fame after winning the contest.  

The Organizing Committee will promote the winners of the qualifying rounds through various mass and social media platforms. As part of this promotion, each contestant will have the opportunity to create a personalized YouTube channel, incorporating the contest branding, to showcase their exceptional skills and performances.

People’s Artist Quang Vinh, as the head of the jury, has emphasized the prestige and significance of this competition, which aims to elevate amateur and unknown singers to a professional level. The winners of this competition will not only gain recognition but also receive the exceptional opportunity to perform at prominent art events in the city or feature in art programs produced by Hanoi Radio and Television.

“Hanoi is currently a vibrant and innovative capital city that is actively engaged in the global community. This has greatly influenced and motivated young individuals to explore new musical perspectives,” stated People’s Artist Quang Vinh.

The top winner will receive a first prize valued at VND200 million (US$8,700).