The Enchanting Beauty of Bombax Ceiba Blossoms at Perfume Pagoda During Springtime

Each year in April, the picturesque blossoms of Bombax Ceiba adorn the renowned Perfume Pagoda in Hanoi, creating a breathtaking sight.


When the warm spring sun lights up the streets, it is also the time when the famous Huong or Perfume Pagoda on the outskirts of Hanoi is blanketed with an array of colorful and fragrant blossoms. The sight of these blooms is a delight to behold, and a reminder of the beauty that awaits us in the coming months.

The Bombax Ceiba, also known as Hoa Gao in Vietnamese, is one of the most iconic spring flowers of Hanoi. It is seen throughout the city, particularly in the Huong Son Commune of My Duc District, where its presence in the famous pagoda is unmistakable.

When summer arrives, the Bombax Ceiba tree is ready to make its annual transformation. All of its leaves will fall off, leaving behind a stunning display of bright red flowers. These vibrant blossoms add a poetic touch to any century-old pagoda they adorn.

Part of Perfumed Pagoda in Hanoi.
 Visitors to Perfume Pagoda or the Huong Son Scenic Area in late spring and early summer can admire the beauty of thousands of Hoa Gao blooming in the Canary Stream.
Sitting on a wooden boat on the way to the pagoda while admiring the marvelous scenery dyed with velvety red ‘rice flowers’ would be pleasant.
Hundreds of beautiful flowers look like little burning torches, brightening a somewhat gloomy room.
 The lovely flowers accentuate the beautiful natural scene with the historic pagoda roofs in the background.
 Wonderful flowers in the spring.
From afar, visitors can admire the flowers along Thien Tru Pagoda in the pagoda complex.
 When the flowers bloom, the cold of winter gradually disappears, signaling that summer is just around the corner.
 The dazzling beauty of the flowers captivates every visitor to the historic landmark of Perfume Pagoda.
 Located more than 10 km from Perfume Pagoda, Doan Nu village in An My commune, My Duc district is famous for its “Bombax Ceiba Road” with dozens of rice flowers in full bloom every late spring.
The surreal beauty of the flower accentuates the splendor of the surrounding natural environment, creating a truly breathtaking sight.
 It also helps to dispel the gloomy weather of the late spring days and lights a small fire of joy for the visitors of the place.