New TV series focuses on lives of young people

A new TV series titled Nha Tro Balanha (Homestay Balanha), depicting the dreams and failures of youngsters, will be broadcast by Vietnam Television.

A scene from the TV series Nha Tro Balanha (Homestay Balanha), a remake of popular Korean drama Welcome to Waikiki – Photo courtesy of VFC

New graduates Lam, Bach and Nhan wanted to make something special. They established a homestay called Balanha, eager to earn money.

The business is not as easy as they hoped. They soon fall into debt and have to help support a single mother and her baby, Lam’s unemployed sister and the mean ex-girlfriend of Lam.

“This usually happens among young people: start-ups, rebellion, love, friendship, confusion in front of life’s crossroads and how they grow up,” said Do Thanh Hai, director of the Vietnam Television Film Center (VFC).

“With funny and emotional story-telling, the film honours the dreams, optimism and strong will of young people.”

Directed by Khai Anh, the TV series will air from March 19 on VTV3. Director Anh is well-known for his role in previous TV series such as Nguoi Phan Xu (The Arbitrator), Ngay Ay Minh Da Yeu (The Day We Loved) and Me Cung (The Labyrinth).

The TV series will star talented faces of Vietnamese cinema, including Tran Nghia who left a strong impression after her main role in Mat Biec (Blue Eyes) directed by Victor Vu.

The show is a remake of the famous Korean drama Welcome to Waikiki produced by JTBC Television.