Netflix stops free trial program in Vietnam

Netflix is the most popular movie and TV show service in the world today. Subscribers have to pay a monthly fee to be able to access its films.

One can easily find ads on selling Netflix accounts that allow free access to Netflix

To encourage people to use the service, Netflix offered a one-month free trial, allowing people to use the service free of charge before making official registration. To be eligible for the free trial, users needed to have international payment cards (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX).

After one month of using the service for free, Netlix would begin charging a monthly fee. Subscribers can cancel the subscriptions at any time during the free trial.

However, the program has been stopped in Vietnam. Users will have to pay fee immediately from the day they begin using the service.

No official explanation about the reasons behind the decision have been released. However, some analysts assume that the service provider had to stop the program as it has been exploited by Vietnamese to seek profit.

On social networks and forums, one can easily find ads on selling Netflix accounts that allow free access to Netflix at very low prices of VND20,000-50,000.

The price level is much lower than the monthly subscription fee of VND260,000 for Ultra HD service package set by Netflix. Many people buy the Netflix accounts to continue using Netflix service for free, rather than becoming official service users.

Why are these Netflix accounts so cheap? The account sellers exploited Netflix’s free-trial policy, used virtual payment cards, including stolen cards to register for trial use and sold the accounts to other people.

A card can be used to register for one free-trial Netflix account. Accounts can be shared among four users. As such, sellers can make a profit of VND100,000 for every account.

As the free-trial time lasts one month only and many accounts use invalid card information, many cheap Netflix accounts ‘die’ after a short time of use.

In this case, Netflix account sellers have to give ‘warranty’ service to users by compensating with other accounts. However, in fact, many sellers deny their responsibility and sellers lose their money.

With the decision by Netflix to stop the free-trial program, the problem will be settled.

Under the current policy, Netflix allows the users of the same family to share the same accounts (2 screens for standard service package and 4 screens for premium package). Many users exploit the policy to share the same accounts, though they are not the members of the same families.