Icon of Love Songs to Host Live Concert in Hanoi

Renowned composer Duc Huy will be hosting a live concert in Hanoi on May 11th, commemorating his extraordinary 60-year journey in the music industry.


Composer Duc Huy, 77, is renowned as a music legend in the realm of love songs. He is planning an upcoming live concert in Hanoi, the city where he spent the first six years of his life and where his love for music has thrived throughout his entire career.

‘Hanoi is a Vietnam with four seasons’

Why did you decide to organize a second live show after your first one in 2007?

After the “And the Heart is Happy Again” show in Ho Chi Minh City, I didn’t anticipate organizing another concert. However, last year when I returned to Hanoi, I had a conversation with producer Thu Ha from Ngoc Viet Company. Ha expressed interest in organizing a live show, and if circumstances allowed, I decided to give it a go. As fate would have it, everything fell into place naturally.

When things flow naturally, there’s no need for excessive contemplation. Being able to overcome Covid-19 and continue living a healthy life here fills me with a sense of gratitude. Sometimes, apart from physical ailments, stress can also take a toll on us. So, it’s important to relax and allow things to unfold naturally. That’s why I decided to name the program “What Comes Naturally,” inspired by a line from my song “And I Love You Too” that goes, “I love things that come naturally/ Truthful sayings/ And love sunny days…”

Composer Duc Huy, a prominent figure in Vietnam’s music scene. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

Why did you choose to hold the program in Hanoi?

Choosing Hanoi as the venue was a collective decision made by me and the entire team. Hanoi holds a special place in my heart as it was where I spent my early childhood, and I have a deep affection for this city. I still remember when I was six years old, Hoan Kiem Lake didn’t have embankments like it does now; it was simply comprised of sand and grass. The air, water, food, and nature of this land left a lasting impression on me during the first six years of my life. It was an auspicious beginning for me.

Although I have traveled far and wide, whenever I am in Hanoi, I am filled with happiness. Hanoi is like Vietnam with its distinct four seasons. It has the capability to stir up one’s emotions. Even though I haven’t written songs dedicated solely to Hanoi, I pour my love for the city into every piece of music I compose.

Aside from famous singers like My Linh and Bang Kieu, the program also showcases emerging young singers who may not necessarily be the most skillful vocalists in your genre of music. What are your thoughts on this?

Perhaps Ngoc Lan was the singer who sang most of my songs, but unfortunately, she has passed away. In the future, I will be grateful to anyone who performs my music. Each individual possesses unique strengths and qualities, and it’s challenging for me to determine who sings better. It often depends on the circumstances and various factors.

At your age, do you experience nervousness when preparing to entertain an audience of 4,000 at the National Convention Center?

People frequently inquire about my age, but I pay little attention to those numbers. I believe one only becomes old when they no longer possess the desire to live. As for me, my cells still proclaim, “Huy, we are alive and well!”

Composer Duc Huy and his wife at a press briefing in Hanoi for his upcoming concert on May 11 at the National Convention Center. Photo: Ngo Minh/The Hanoi Times

Letting things unfold naturally

Reflecting on your career, what were some of the ups and downs?

Ups and downs are an inevitable part of our journey. The period when I experienced the most profound unhappiness was when I initially settled in the United States and needed to acclimate to a new culture and way of life. During that time, I stopped composing for about a decade, until I wrote “Crying a River,” which reflects feelings of nostalgia. Overcoming difficulties propelled me into the most productive period of composing, yielding songs such as “Love You for a Long Time” and “The Long Road Is Wet with Rain.”

Most aspects of my life occur naturally. Many people often suggest that I write books or share stories about my life, but I don’t find it necessary. Each day, I embrace a life that feels increasingly organic, without clinging to any false sense of security.

When it comes to writing music, do you strive to create what you personally enjoy or what the audience prefers?

My greatest fear involves contorting myself to please others. It’s not something I excel at.

When do you experience the greatest sense of inspiration in your writing?

I need silence.

Not even when you’re in love?

Are you trying to corner me with that question (laughs)? Love is its own realm, different from the act of composing. The two should not be conflated. I cannot exist without love, but in reality, I am not as enthusiastic a lover as some may perceive. I will delve deeper into the topic of love and discuss my personal life during the upcoming concert.

Will you be bringing your wife and two children on stage?

I am truly content. The happiness of my family is something private that I prefer not to flaunt. That’s how I approach life. At this stage of life, I am immensely grateful to everyone for their love and support.

How does your wife support you in your personal and professional life?

My wife possesses a great deal of ingenuity and adeptness in managing various aspects of life. I appreciate and value everything I have received from her.

We live by certain principles and respect one another. I often face questions about how a husband and wife with a 44-year age difference manage to maintain their love and romance… Of course, it depends on both individuals. Personally, I find that my capacity for romance has only grown stronger since the day we first met.

What is a typical day like for you?

I strive to sleep early and wake up at around 4 am. Following that, I engage in exercises and focus on my breathing until 6 o’clock. Currently, I maintain a highly disciplined approach to diet and exercise at my wife’s behest in order to safeguard my well-being. Throughout the day, I devote myself primarily to writing or searching for inspiration.

Thank you for your time.