Fostering Japan-Vietnam Relations with a Classic Concert

Vietnam will witness a spectacular performance as the esteemed Japanese Super Kids Orchestra, led by the globally acclaimed conductor Yutaka Sado, makes its debut in the country. This extraordinary event marks a significant milestone, as it is the first time ever that the talented ensemble will enthrall Vietnamese audiences with their mesmerizing music. Get ready to be captivated by the enchanting melodies and impeccable artistry of these young prodigies as they showcase their extraordinary musical prowess on Vietnamese soil. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the magic of the Japanese Super Kids Orchestra as they bring their exceptional talent to Vietnam.


The symphony concert named The Great Wave will take place at the newly opened Ho Guom Opera House in Hanoi on January 4, 2024, at 8 pm.

Renowned Japanese conductor Yutaka Sado will perform in Vietnam for the first time. Photo: Jun Yoshimura

The event is part of a cultural exchange program organized by the Vietnam Youth Symphony Orchestra (VYO), initiating a series of activities to commemorate Japan-Vietnam diplomatic relations in 2024.

As the first project under the VYO exchange program, VYO collaborates with the Super Kids Orchestra to provide an opportunity for everyone in Vietnam to experience the rich cultures from around the world.

With the aspiration to become the world’s premier orchestra, the talented young musicians from Japan are eager to captivate Vietnamese audiences.

The program includes a diverse selection of remarkable musical pieces, such as Gustav Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite and the 1st Movement “Jig,” Ennio Morricone’s New Cinema Paradice, and Appalachian Journey, among others.

The event organizer describes “The Great Wave” as a high-quality concert for the community, allowing young Vietnamese artists to showcase their skills alongside global musical talents. These teenage artists, driven by passion and deep appreciation, demonstrate their mastery of classical artistry, contributing to the cultural exchange between Vietnam and the world.

The Japanese Super Kids Orchestra. Photo: VYO

In collaboration with the Super Kids Orchestra, young artists from VYO will perform “Thien Thanh” or the Blue-Sky Suite, composed by the Vietnamese maestro Tran Manh Hung.

Established in 2003, the Super Kids Orchestra is Japan’s premier youth orchestra, featuring exceptionally talented young string players from across the country.

Hailing from Kyoto, Yutaka Sado currently serves as the Music Director of the Tonk√ľnstler Orchestra in Austria, the Artistic Director of the Hyogo Performing Arts Center, and its Resident Orchestra in Nishinomiya, Japan. Additionally, he holds the position of Chief Conductor of the Siena Wind Orchestra in Tokyo.

Regarded by the Washington Post as “a distinguished conductor of great power,” Sado has captivated audiences through a series of weekly classical music television programs broadcasted in Japan for eight consecutive years. Stepping beyond the confines of TV and computer screens, this renowned conductor is poised to dazzle Vietnamese audiences with a stylish and distinctive performance, marking the start of various thrilling musical events scheduled in Hanoi for 2024.