David Kenjah, a talented musician and expat living in Hanoi, Vietnam, has found inspiration in the midst of the global pandemic. During the lockdown period in Vietnam, he released several tracks in March and April, showcasing his unique musical style.

Check out “Wanna Be Startin’ Something”

(MJ – Version by Kenjah David)

Listen to “Syracuse”

Kenjah’s music is a whirlwind of cheerful and chaotic vibes, offering listeners a chance to let loose and enjoy the moment.

Experience “Georgia on my Mind”

By Kenjah David & Nico Seal

Discover more of Kenjah’s incredible music:

Listen to “After the Mist”

First single by Moonrain, a collaboration between Kenjah & David Foxx

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Kenjah is a multi-talented French musician based in Hanoi, Japan. He is fluent in five different languages, including French, Japanese, English, Spanish, and Creole.