Exhibition themed Vietnamese culture and President Ho Chi Minh underway

Precious artifacts about Vietnamese culture and President Ho Chi Minh are on display to celebrate the upcoming 2021 National Cultural Conference in Hanoi.


The “Culture lights the way for the nation to advance” exhibition is underway in both in-person and virtual formats at the Vietnam Exhibition Centre for Culture and Arts, No. 2 Hoa Lu Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi.

Visitors to the exhibition. Photo: Ngoc Hai/ Dan Viet

The off-line exhibition will last on November 27, meanwhile, the online display runs until the end of December on the website: http://trienlamvhnt.vn, according to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Nguyen Van Hung emphasized that through the exhibition, the Organizing Committee wishes to introduce to the public the wealth of Vietnamese culture as well as its important role in the development of the country.

The exhibition features 320 photos and over 123 valuable artifacts that are arranged in different thematic areas. Notably, precious images, documents, and artifacts of Dong Son and Cham culture as well as valuable objects highlighting President Ho Chi Minh’s simple and noble lifestyle will be introduced to the public at the exhibition.

In particular, the rare pictures of President Ho Chi Minh are also on display such as the ones of the late President learning about Dong Son bronze drums at the Vietnam History Museum or reading a doctor stele at the Temple of Literature, among others.

The sculpture of Uncle Ho by sculptor Nguyen Thi Kim (1946). Photo: Ngoc Hai/ Dan Viet

The exhibition also shows the point of view “culture lights the way for the nation to advance” that Uncle Ho once expressed and had been implemented throughout his life and career. His thoughts about culture are depicted in Uncle Ho’s books and letters that were sent to local intellectuals and artists during the past such as letters sent to doctors Professor Ton That Tung, letters sent to Doctor Vu Dinh Tung, letters to Professor Dang Thai Mai, and his wife, among others. Besides, visitors to the exhibition also have a chance to discover many other artifacts related to Uncle Ho, including the collection of Tet greeting cards used by President Ho Chi Minh; a sculpture of Uncle Ho by sculptor Nguyen Thi Kim in 1946, among others.