The Ministry of Information and Communication, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, are taking measures to combat cyberbullying and protect individuals and organizations from hate speech within the online community.

This statement was made by the two ministers during the question and answer session at the ongoing Sixth Plenary Session of the 15th National Assembly in Hanoi on November 7-8.

To address the issue of hate speech on social media platforms, National Assembly deputies highlighted the denigration and criticism faced by the movie “Land and Forest of the South” on social networks.

Deputy To Thi Bich Chau of Ho Chi Minh City described hate speech as a form of violence and raised the question to the ministers of Information and Communications, Public Security, and Culture, Sports and Tourism, seeking solutions to protect individuals and organizations from online hate speech.

In response to this concern, Minister of Information and Communications, Nguyen Manh Hung, stated that the revised Decree 72 has been enacted to regulate behavior on social networks and impose penalties for violating personal privacy and defamation.

He emphasized that regulations against violations of personal privacy on social networks are becoming more stringent. However, the fundamental solution lies in fostering digital etiquette.

Hung expressed, “Cyberspace is a new environment for many people, irrespective of its benefits, it also harbors evil. Therefore, it is crucial to promote cyberspace etiquette.”

The minister recommended incorporating digital etiquette into the school curriculum to enhance people’s awareness of online behavioral culture.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Information and Communications advocates for basic digital literacy training courses to be made available, equipping individuals with the necessary skills to protect themselves and increase their resilience to harmful information in cyberspace.

The law is already strict, and numerous cases have been dealt with to serve as a deterrent. However, enhanced cross-sector coordination is required to render government management more effective.

“The responsibility does not solely rest with the Ministry of Information and Communications, contrary to popular belief,” Hung clarified.

Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Nguyen Van Hung, emphasized that his ministry has closely collaborated with the Ministry of Information and Communications to remove and prevent harmful information that negatively impacts Vietnam’s culture and customs. The ministry has also established a code of conduct for individuals working in the field of art.

Addressing the issue raised by Deputy To Thi Bich Chau regarding the movie “Land and Forest of the South” being disparaged on social networks, Minister Nguyen Van Hung explained that the film’s content had undergone censorship and obtained the necessary licensing in compliance with the law.

“People are entitled to hold their own beliefs regarding the film’s fabrication of facts, but insulting and defamatory comments will not be tolerated,” stated Minister Nguyen Van Hung.

Deputy Trinh Xuan An, representing the southern province of Dong Nai, reminded the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism that apart from insults and denigrations, there are also comments urging authenticity, truth, and preservation of historical values, aimed at preventing the distortion of historical facts, which necessitate protection and consideration from the ministry.

Deputy An emphasized the significance of traditional and historical education, stating that while a movie can possess cinematic or artistic merits and draw inspiration from various sources, it should not distort historical facts and national culture.

Minister Nguyen Van Hung mentioned that after reviewing the film, the National Council for Film Appraisal concluded that it did not violate the Law on Cinema, thereby granting it approval for nationwide distribution.

The Ministry of Culture respects the council’s decision. Should any irregularities or illegal acts in film censorship be discovered, appropriate actions will be taken, the minister assured.