Vietnam on bucket list when Covid-19 is over: US travel magazine

The Hanoitimes - Travel + Leisure’s editor spends some tourism dollars in the incredibly vibrant and culturally rich part of the world when mentioning a future trip to Vietnam.


The New York-based travel magazine Travel + Leisure introduces Vietnam as one of the 17 trips to take as soon as borders are reopened.

In a recent article, Karen I. Chen, the magazine’s editorial producer, wrote she wishes to lie on a gorgeous tropical beach and going to packed street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall restaurants, eating insanely good food elbow when traveling in Vietnam.

 Hoi An, Quang Nam province, Vietnam. Photo: Getty Images

Chen and her friends originally had plans to visit the Philippines and Vietnam in May, but those plans, like so many others this year, have since been thwarted.

“I’ve traveled all over East Asia and Southeast Asia, but these two countries I’ve yet to check off my bucket list — and from what I hear, I’ve saved two of the best for last,” Chen wrote.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that Asians have experienced racism around the world just because the first outbreaks of the virus occurred in Asia. In the end, it’s a global pandemic that has affected all the travelers. “I can’t wait to get a chance to go back and spend some tourism dollars in this incredibly vibrant, culturally rich part of the world”, said Chen.

The excitement that comes with researching a destination, planning a trip, experiencing a place, and meeting new people — and helping readers, do the same — is the force that drives editors to come to work each day, the article wrote.

Now is a great time to reflect on past trips and think about future ones, the editors of the US magazine shared 17 trips on their minds to inspire the next quarantine daydream.

The Travel + Leisure list includes many famous tourist destinations around the world such as Santorini (Greece); Jamaica; Midwest, New Orleans, Palm Springs & Texas, Puerto Rio (the US); Copenhagen (Denmark); Australia; London (the UK); Paris (France); Mexico; and Italy.