Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh province, situated on the central coast of Vietnam, can be compared to natural wonders such as Mt. Everest, the Grand Canyon, and the Great Barrier Reef. Its exceptional beauty and unique features make it truly remarkable. Allow us to introduce the top ten reasons why Son Doong Cave is regarded as a global treasure.

Size matters


One can employ diverse methods to ascertain the size of a cave, but the prevailing approach involves measuring the cross-section of its largest chamber.

Son Doong Cave is considered the largest cave in the world, surpassing all others in size. In fact, certain chambers within the cave are even taller than the renowned Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo.

Son Doong currently has a total volume of 38.5 million cubic meters, equivalent to approximately 1.35 billion cubic feet. Upon its official connection with Thung Cave, an additional 1.6 million cubic meters will be added to its volume.

According to cave expert Howard Limbert, the cave can be compared to the discovery of a massive protrusion atop Mount Everest, effectively adding another 1,000 meters to its already towering height.

A subterranean lake


Located near the cave’s exit, there is an impressive lake of substantial size. This vast and profound body of water necessitates the use of small row boats to traverse its expanse.

Ceiling Collapses


The renowned Son Doong Cave stretches an impressive nine kilometers in length, offering visitors a breathtaking experience. Despite its extensive dimensions, the cave is seldom shrouded in darkness. This is due to two immense ceiling collapses that grant passage for radiant light to illuminate the cave’s interior.

Underground Jungles


Below the expansive cavities in the ceiling are hidden underground jungles. Due to the distinct microclimate within the cave, these jungles boast a diverse array of flora species that can only be found within this unique subterranean habitat.

Prehistoric Stalagmites


The Son Doong Cave possesses remarkable stalagmites that command awe in their towering stature. These stalagmites surpass even the height of the Arc de Triomphe, presenting a sight of unparalleled magnificence. Moreover, their unique and captivating formations further enhance the cave’s allure.

The tallest stalagmite in the cave measures a remarkable height of 70 meters.

World-Beating Campsites


Animal Planet


Vietnam’s Great Wall

The Son Doong Cave boasts a unique and thriving ecosystem. During your exploration, you may encounter a diverse range of wildlife, such as howling monkeys residing near the collapsed areas, translucent cave insects, squeaking bats, and blind fish.


Unforgettable Swimming Experience


Hang Son Doong offers a plethora of subterranean rivers and pools, creating a unique opportunity for expeditions to engage in activities such as wading, paddling, and swimming.

Sunbeams and cloud whisps


The Son Doong cave boasts an impressive stature, so immense that it possesses its own unique weather patterns. This distinction is evidenced by the majestic sunbeams that gracefully penetrate through the cave collapses and the ethereal mist that delicately drifts throughout its enchanting chambers.

Editorial Notes:

Son Doong is a magnificent cave located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, specifically in Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district. Dating back between two and five million years, this geological wonder stands tall at over 200 meters in height and spans an impressive width of 150 meters. Moreover, stretching for a length of approximately five to 6.5 kilometers, Son Doong is truly a sight to behold.

  • The cave was discovered in 1991 and gained international recognition as the largest cave in the world in 2009.
  • Son Doong Cave is globally renowned as the largest cave in the world, as affirmed by esteemed international organizations such as Guinness (based in the UK), the Association World Record (based in Hong Kong), and WorldKings (based in the US and India).
  • According to a US magazine, the Smithsonian, Hang Son Doong has been ranked at the top among the “25 great places to see in the 21st century.” The magazine describes the cave as being of immense size, stating that it is large enough to accommodate the Washington Monument and could fit a pair of Boeing 747s side by side.