The charming Tien Sa Lake

The Hanoitimes - Coming to Tien Sa lake (Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi district, Hanoi), tourists will be immersed in the cool atmosphere and romantic scenery of nature.

The beauty of Tien Sa lake.

The beauty of Tien Sa lake.

As soon as the sun protrudes from Ba Vi mountain range, the sun rays down Tien Sa lake, the water is like thousands of sparkling stars. Noon, the water seems to be greener, making the scenery more charming, romantic. There is a story that once upon a time on the wild roses ages, the fairy girls often escape the Emperor to bathe in the bath. It was fun, until fly back to heaven and accidentally dropped the shawls. People said that, the dropped shawls is now the cloud bending Tan Mountain, and the place that the fairies took bath is the current Tien Sa Lake.
With an area of ​​150ha at an altitude of 400m and having more than 20ha of water surface, Tien Sa Lake appears with green forests covering the mountain slope, the hills surrounding the vast lake create a spectacular romantic natural landscape. In addition to the natural beauty, Tien Sa Lake also attracts visitors by the artificial works with traditional Eastern style that is not only sophisticated but also delicate. Here, visitors will be pleased to discover Ngu Phuc port, Thuan Thien bridge or Lien Hoa, Uyen Umong, Vien Son hotels. Water parks, amusement parks and sports facilities are where the customer of all ages can have a joyful physical activity.


Composite slide system.¬¬¬

Composite slide system.

In the summer, visitors will be impressed when they go to the mango fruit garden by enjoying the sweet mango and pineapple. Along with that, children will learn about dozens of animals and birds. Fishing enthusiasts can choose from 30 different size of tents scattered around the lake to drop their bait. Especially, there is also a composite slide system, a swimming pool and under the Nhi Long waterfall is a watersport area with alluring adventure games.
If you stay overnight in this resort, visitors will enjoy the performances of special traditional shows of the Dao, Muong ethnic; or around the campfire in the mysterious night. At the fire, enjoy the traditional food of mountainous regions such as grilled meat, fried bamboo shoots, rice, potato, grilled corn  will also be very interesting experience.